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12 March 2010


Jess Claflin

I personally LOVE kombucha, but one of my friends had a HORRIBLE reaction to it (hard to breath, covered in hives, face swelling, dizzy). I was wondering if you found record of any other reactions in the course of your research. If so, I'd be interested...

hannah wallace

That's scary, Jess. Did she react this way to bottled kombucha or a home brew? The CDC has never had a report of someone falling ill from commercially-produced kombucha, though there are a few isolated cases of "adverse events" from home brewed batches. (Mostly from aspergillus mold, which can cause the reactions your friend had. But it's also easy to spot... see here www.happyherbalist.com/howtomakekombucha.aspx) Sally Fallon, in her book "Nourishing Traditions" says that a small percentage of people are allergic to kombucha. Another reason to start out with small amounts--4 ounces--before downing a whole 16 ounce bottle!

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Happy Sparrow (off 30th and Belmont) makes a great kombucha from scratch! They are also celebrating their 1st birthday today ;-)

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I am hooked to this too. Just like you, I didn't gave it much attention because it does not seem interesting when you look at it, but when you tasted a good brew, you will definitely change your thinking.

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